Dates for LTC:


8 ball --May 15-May 17 @ Shooters in Grayslake  
Friday @ 7:00 pm (Captains meeting at 6:30 pm)                                     Saturday @ 10:00 am ( Captains meeting at 9:30 am)
9-ball --May 29-May 31 @ Rack'em Up in Buffalo Grove 

Good luck to all teams that will be shooting for the trips to Vegas!! 

 The APA 8-Ball Classic
Summer Session

Summer Session will start the week of May 3.  We are looking forward to another successful year.  If you are interested in joining a team please call me at 847-962-8906 or email me at  

 We currently play on the following days/nights:
Shooters in Grayslake
Sunday starting at 4 pm 8 & 9 ball
Monday starting at 7:30 pm 8 & 9 ball
Wednesday starting at 7:30 pm 8 & 9 ball
TJ Snicker in Wauconda 
Monday starting at 7:30 pm  8 & 9 ball
Kristof's in Round Lake
Tuesday starting at 7:30 pm 8 & 9 ball
Rack'em Up in Buffalo Grove
Wednesday starting at 7:30 8 & 9 ball
Thrusday starting at 7:30 8 & 9 ball

 Grab your family, neighbors, co-workers etc and build a team or join a team.


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We are now offering Double Jeopardy!!

 Do you like both 8-Ball & 9-Ball? Do you want to play both on the same night? In Double Jeopardy:

 Play both formats in one night
Everyone gets to play
No one has to sit out (assuming rosters are the same)
Get qualified for both 8-Ball and 9-Ball Singles and Team Regionals


Grab your existing team, friends, family and co-workers - everyone can play!

 Discounts available for participating in Double Jeopardy.

Call for more information and available locations.


If you have thought about joining the APA pool league, but are uncertain what it is all about, watch this new video to learn more....


  View this short video for a glimpse at what you are playing for...  



Everyone Can Play...Anyone Can Win!

8-Ball Open, 9-Ball Open


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May 2015
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05/29/15 - 05/31/15 Lake County LTC 2015